Saturday, April 21, 2018

Friendship Vacation: Austin, Texas

We weren't born to pay bills and die. Seeing more of the world (not just Epcot) is something I wanted to work on this year. Also my fav gal pals and I are trying to do at least one trip a year. Since last year Allegiant decided to postpone our flight by 26 hours we all had free vouchers for our next trip. Austin was the pick! All I heard was raving reviews of BBQ, tacos, and rooftop bars. Austin sure lived up to all those expectations. Here's what I saw, but mostly ate. 

This place was the first place we visited upon getting into Austin. It was kinda our welcome to the fact that every place is going to have the coolest outdoor patio with cafe lights. We got there early enough to to still enjoy breakfast tacos. All of us went for the "The Tomas" which had bacon, potato, egg, chorizo, and cheese, with frozen pickle pear margaritas to wash them down. Both were really good with an authentic feel.
This was one of the coolest place we visited. Honestly if I lived in Austin this could be my go to place. Coffee and beer? Outdoor patio with chickens? Succulents everywhere? There is no downside. The first time we visited we went with the cocktail flight followed by a beer flight. The cocktail fight was really good. The drinks were a good variety of flavors. The only downside is the last drink was supposed to be a boozy frozen coffee, but both days we were there the machine wasn't working. The beer flight was a great idea since it was our first day because it gave us a chance to try four local beers to see what we would want to buy to keep at our AirBnB. 
They had large beers for $6, two thumbs up. I got the Day Trip Pale Ale. Plus there was a really cute puppy there. 
I has been wanting to go to Snooze since I had tried to go in Denver but it was a hour and half wait so we couldn't get in. Little did I know there was one in Austin. We started off the meal with some spicy bloodys. We had a super cool waiter that advised us that there was a special pancake on our way. Ten minutes went by and nothing happened so we assumed it was some kind of joke. Seconds later this beautiful pancake arrived. It was a pecan maple bacon with white chocolate chips and cinnamon butter. Without a doubt this was the best pancake I have ever had. I would say get it when you go, but it wasn't even on the menu. 

Péché was one of the Happy Hour spots we came acorss when we were researching where to go. It was definitely a hit. They had a bunch a craft cocktails and then for Happy Hour a bunch of selected drinks and appetizers for just $5. For food we went with their Mac & Cheese which was made of two types of cheese and duck confit. Honestly probably the second best Mac & Cheese I've had (after VanBarry's of course). We also grabbed their fries to munch on. They were perfectly crisp with garlic and salt. For my drink I got the Royal Bees Knees which had vodka (I replaced the gin), lavender honey, and lemon. 

$2 Mimosas. This place surpassed my expectations in food and service. The whole entire time we were there they were offering $2 mimosas and frozen bellinis. Our server was so attentive, any time I had 25% of my drink left he was there to see if I was ready for my next. He also used to work at Disney which is always fun. Who doesn't love a brunch where you can get a pizza. We all split their margherita pizza and a side order of breakfast potatoes. 

The atmosphere of this bar was the really interesting part. It was fully made out of storage containers put together. For my drink I got a simple cherry limeade, which was fun because it had slushie ice.  
This is another one of those places that if I lived in Austin I would be here all the time. It's a circus themed bar with a slide in the back. Not to mention they have a 196 ounces moscow mule. Which probably was meant to be shared by more than 3 people but you gotta work with that you got. Already craving to go back there again.

Soft-serve and fries. What a genius idea. We honestly wanted to go to this place from the moment we started to research. You get chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream and a platter of fries for $6. This should honestly be offered at every restaurant. 

Yes, this looks like a pathetic serving of BBQ, but that is what I loved most about this place. You go through a counter and serve yourself whatever sides you'd like and then you get to the counter and let them know what meat you'd like and how much. Then you just pay by weight. Ended up with two slices of brisket and mac & cheese. The brisket was amazing! Lived up to the "brisket is best in Texas" hype. 

This is something I wanted to do for the longest time. This was one of those twelve people bikes that go around downtown bar hopping. Throughout your trip you are able to drink a beer since the bike has no motor. Another thing to keep in mind is that since there is no motor if you stop pedaling the bike does not move. Our driver, Michelle, was great. She explained it as doing a spin class. It sure did live up to that. Our tour was only 2 hours, I wish it could had been an hour longer. On our tour we stopped at three bars and got one drinks at each. First was a gummy bear shot, then an alcoholic capri sun, and lastly ending with a beer. 

Overall a great vacation and definitely a place I would visit again. Plus they had the greatest Whole Foods Market in the history of ever. 
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