Friday, March 2, 2018

New Eats: February

My goal of trying new foods continues into February. Good to see I was able to get one month into my new year's resolution without giving up. But I guess with a goal like this, it's not hard to keep up. I've been keeping up with my growing list by bookmarking anything that looks good on my Yelp account. Here's this month's run through of new restaurants.  

Everything was pleasing about this place from the aesthetics to the tacos themselves. You walk in and order at a mini window and then there is outside seating around the corner. The walls are covered in fun murals and the tables have fun geometric patterns. We started off with their white and red sangria. The white was definitely better in my option, it was a spicy strawberry lime. For tacos, I went with the fried cheese and the normal pork. Both had an avocado creme which was to die for. 

I've heard about this place from everyone in Winter Park. I knew they had great gourmet doughnuts from all the pictures. So naturally I had to go.  They had 8 different options to pick from. We decided to split the pistachio and lemon curd one. I have been on a lemon curd kick ever since I picked up some from Trader Joe's. Both were great! I love the glaze on top of the pistachio and the lemon curd one was a yeast doughnut which is my favorite kind. I did see there was crème brûlée doughnut in the back that I will be returning for. 

This place recently opened up over on 192 west of Disney. Here they hold a lot of pride in the fact that they use fresh ingredients. It was all very good plus they had a build your own burger option. I went pretty basic with just white american cheese and BBQ sauce. Something interesting they had here was that you can get your burger made into a salad. I did not try it that time, but it definitely piqued my interest. 

A ginger, lime, & prickly pear slush at a farmer's market. What else could I ask for? 

What a cool new idea in downtown Orlando. It was a single site market that featured restaurants around Orlando and then a bar. This time we sampled Gnarly Barley and the bar. From Gnarly Barley I got the Johnnie Mac n' Cheese which was roast beef, mac n' cheese with an au jus dip. It was beyond fantastic. They had the option of getting a half sandwich for $5 or a full for $9. I love making one meal into two so we all know with what I picked. But honestly this sandwich was so good I could have gotten a week's supply and have been happy. For my drink I went with the blackberry lemonade margarita. It was fantastic! Great flavor and solid alcohol content. Plus served in a mason jar for bonus points. 

Rose Gold Margarita 

I just had to have it once. Plus it was #NationalMargaritaDay so it made sense. The coveted "Rose Gold Margarita" It was actually pretty good, and I usually don't get down with gold tequila. The flavors and rose color came from guava and mango. I opted in for a salt rim instead of a golden sugar. 

I've been wanting to try these Grilled Cheese Flights for weeks. On Friday's at La Femme Du Fromage from 4 - 8 p.m. they offer gourmet grilled cheeses with beer pairings. Left to right we had a prosciutto havarti, portobello blue cheese and a gouda bacon jam. My favorite was the prosciutto havarti but I think the best pairing was the bacon jam matched with the cream ale. It had a very breakfast taste.

This event was a last minute decision (like the day before and call out of work) because there was a band I really wanted to see. But boy did the food make it all worth it. In total there was probably 40 different vendors so it was really hard to make a decision on what to eat. I tend to gravitate towards anything involving mac & cheese. My number one food item was probably the pork sandwich from Jimmy Hula's.  

My most recent adventure is to knock out the Central Florida Ale Trail. Which is essentially a list of all the breweries that are local to Orlando. I've decided it will be best to divide and conquor by area. This month we went through downtown/Winter Park area.  

For Orlando Brewing we decided to do something a little special. About once a month they have a Doughnut and Beer pairing. Which I have found over the past couple months is extremely hard to get tickets for. But finally my time had come. It was really fun! The doughnuts were amazing from Orandough. It was cool to see how they match the flavors in the beer with the doughnuts. My favorite was the Blueberry Lavender one. Now I want to recreate this at home with friends. Stay tuned. 

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