Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Eats: January

Most people's New Years resolution is to lose weight, which is kinda mine (tryin' to get a 6 pack). But another one of mine was to start trying new restaurants. I have a terrible habit of trying something once, loving it, and then never trying somewhere new again (@VanBarrys). For only being one month in I would say I've been pretty successful. Here's the round up. 

The Waterfront is actually located right across the street from VanBarry's so I've been staring at it for months. I finally decided to go. I ended up visiting on a Tuesday so they had a bunch of Taco Tuesday specials. I started off with a peach sangria ($4) and chips and salsa ($3). I love when places have specials depending on the day because it makes my food choice so much easier. For my entree I ended up going with pork tacos and garlic fries. It was all extremely good. I will be returning, mainly because I saw the menu had a Moscow mule slushie I didn't get to try due to it being 40 degrees that day. 

Holler & Dash is located right outside of Celebration. They describe themselves as a southern biscuit house. Anything with biscuits I can get down with. My favorite thing on their menu was just the plain ole' biscuit gravy with a fried egg on top (bottom in the picture).

This is one of the new quick service locations that opened up at Disney Springs along with three other restaurants. They have six types of pizzas to choose from, I went with the basic basil and mozzarella. It was pretty good, my only complaint is that I would like for the cheese to be a little more melted down. For now at least I'll probably keep going to Blaze when I'm at Springs craving pizza.  

So yes, I have been to Raglan Road before. But I had never tried the dessert flight. After seeing a bunch of pictures of it on social media I knew I had to have it. The way it works here is the flight is chef's choice and will be 4 mini versions of desserts they have on the menu. From every picture on social media I've seen it's been this exact grouping. Left to right we have Trifle Sinful, Dunbrody Kiss, Apple and Peach Crumble, and Ger's Bread & Butter Pudding. All four were wonderful, but my top choice was the bread pudding closely followed by the lemon curds. 

This is a another place I saw a couple people posting about on Instagram so I thought I'd try it myself. Now this place is the definition of hole in the wall. When driving there the only reason I found it was because I decided to take a U-turn and circle around again. It was on the little alley street I took to turn around. Here you can order a whole pizza just like any other place or they have a deal where you can do two build your own slices. On mine I decided to go with gouda, broccoli, pepperoni, and red peppers. It was cooked to perfection thanks to the stone oven. I will definitely be returning but I could probably just go for one slice next time...

Yes I know. Mac'd Out also isn't a completely new place for me. It's located at Plant Street Market where I visit 2 to 3 times a week for Crooked Can (especially on Mondays, 30% off for CMs). At the market there is probably about 6 places you can grab food from to enjoy with your beers. This Mac and Cheese right here is your best option. They have a bunch of pre-made options as well as a create your own choice. The one above is broccoli, roasted red peppers and steak. This is my best creation yet. After having this it earned my title of best food at Plant Street Market. 

This Little Piggy is a new BBQ place that just came into Plant Street Market. I think I stumbled upon it on it's opening dayby accidentally crashing a company party at Crooked Can. I swear I didn't see the "Reserved Patio" sign until the party was over. Oh well. We picked up some fries and brisket. I really wanted to try their pulled pork but the lady working said they were out because it was so good. I guess that's enough incentive to go back again? The brisket was great but I was really blown away by the fries. Every piece has skin and was doused in salt. My kind of fry. 

I'm still constantly searching for new places to try, my Yelp list keeps growing. So far this New Years resolution is going pretty well (the eating food one, not the 6 pack...) Let me know if there are any places on your Orlando must go to list. 
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