Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Drink with Me: Birthday

For my birthday I could not risk going somewhere I would not like. So I found myself back at the basics: Vanbarry's and Disney. Yeah, yeah, no surprise there. Something that was a surprise was Vanbarry's Birthday Frosé! Yes I had seen a picture online before because I stalk their social media. But man, this drink blew any other birthday drink out of the water. Now we're talking Strawberry & Kiwi Frosé, an umbrella, a party horn, a candle, 2 shots, a balloon hanging off the glass and frosting sprinkle rim. This drink right here is why I love Vanbarry's, it's whimsical & delicious (plus their mac & cheese will rock your world). Also, what a coincidence this came out my birthday month. Vanbarry's and I are truly meant to be. 

Next stop Epcot. We all know how they have multiple festivals they release around the year. Next one is Food & Wine. And for each of these festivals the booths come and go but, for what ever reason they keep the Mexico one there longer than all the others. I'm not complaining, I would just like to see Canada's cheese soup more. One of their current offers at this temp Mexico booth is the Frozen Wild Strawberry Margarita. And then it's 95 degrees at 8:30 p.m. in Orlando I can use all the frozen margaritas I can get. 

Last stop is Trader Sam's Grotto at The Polynesian. I've been here before and had the Tahitian Torch. Someone at the table next to us ordered this, The Spikey Pineapple. Ever since then I wanted it. What's a better time to go then my birthday? It's basically a Dole Whip blended it rum. Very good. 

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