Saturday, July 1, 2017

What to do in Knoxville when Allegiant cancels your flight and you’re stranded for 26 hours

When it comes to Allegiant there is one guarantee is: your plane will not leave on time. I’ve been delayed 30 minutes, four hours, and then this trip 26 hours. At this point we had already checked out of our apartment, returned off the rental car, and gotten to the check in desk to drop off our luggage. So there was no turning back but to enjoy another day. We were set up with three rooms at the Hilton, because why not, and decided Knoxville was going to be the destination. Mainly before it was only 30 minutes away and Nashville was three hours.

The second we got downtown Balter Beerworks caught our eye. Outside seating and beer? There is nothing better. I decided to try their Maypop: an american pale. lightly hoppy with a big citrus and floral nose. It was very good, the best beer I had all day. For lunch we all order a club sandwich and cheese soup. Yes, a giant bowl of cheese. It was glorious. They had a bunch of flyer of all the breweries town. You’d be surprised. There is a lot! This is when we decided we’re going on a beer tour. We starting plotting our map if where to go next.

Next stop was Merchant of Beers. This was literally what it sounds like a place that has taps of a bunch of places’ beers! They also made their own craft sodas and cocktails. I decided after going there that I would love to be a mixologist (if that’s real). This is when we found out it’s their start of beer week and that’s why there was flyers everywhere.

We had a midday snack break at Rita’s Italian Ice. And they took my favorite thing and made it a dessert. Flights. Italian Ice Flights. Which is great because I can never decide on a flavor and I only want a little of each! This time I went with Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Florida Orange, and Mango!

The last stop on our beer tour was a Schultz Brau Brewing. Literally this place looked like a German castle, but with a la-z-boy lounge area, outside patio with a stage, and a whole bunch of board games. Our game of the week was Clue since out rental in Gatlinburg had it. I could definitely dig a place like this opening in Orlando.

We ended our night at Downtown Bar & Grill. This was great place to grab good. For Happy Hour I got a Moscow Mule and then we split two half pizza and potato skins. Yes, the dream carb meal.

At this point our day had ended and it was time for each of us to return to our own hotel rooms (because why not make Allegiant pay for more) and get some sleep before hopefully finally making it home.  (Yes we did make it, and yes we did have Bloody Marys at the airport after making it through security) 
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