Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sundays are for Frosé

My weekend came to an end in the most ideal way possible: outdoor seating, mac & cheese, and frosé. I headed over to Vanbarry's Public House this afternoon. I heard about this place first from word of mouth awhile ago, but when I saw on social media that they had frosé I knew I needed to go there asap. 
The way it works here is they'll have flavors of the week (or until they run out). It seems that they will always have strawberry as seen on the bottom and then a specialty flavor. This time around it was kiwi. I decided to go for both. It was very good! I feel with frosé restaurants think they can make any slushy drink pink and call it frosé. But this truly tasted like rosé. It also was not too sweet, which is always a concern of mine when it comes to slushy drinks.We sat outside on their patio and it stayed icy the whole time, which is pretty impressed for Orlando in July. Also this was only $6.50, gotta love a place that has their drinks at happy hour prices 24/7. 

The drink menu was way too impressive to get just one. They had a whole list of mason jar cocktails. I decided to go with the Lavender Lemonade and my sister went with Life's a Peach. Our waitress was the bomb and make sure my drink was not too sweet and went light on the lavender infused simple syrup. It was so refreshing and definitely something I would order again! Life's a Peach was very good too, definitely on the sweeter side, but had real peaches in the bottom of the glass. Any drink with real fruit has me sold. Both of these we're $6.50 as well. 

My mother decided to go with a "Sipper." She described it as bourbon, mixed with bourbon, infused with bourbon, topped off with bourbon, with whisky soaked cherries. 

Pizza or Mac & Cheese? You tell me. This is probably one of the best Mac & Cheese I've ever had. It was a white cheese with a solid layer of cheese just melted on top. It's a 99.8% chance I will order this every time I come from here on out. Next time I'm definitely going to have to add bacon. For under $5 this was another impressive item. 

To end the visit our bomb waitress brought us out some koozies since it was our first visit. It's like they knew how to win over my heart every step of the way. 

As I was eating here today I already made plans to go again tomorrow. I can't wait to try something else, they had a grapefruit orange mason jar drink I definitely had my eye on. I also made sure to let everyone working there that I would love to see grapefruit frosé. So fingers crossed there! 

Next day update: I did return 

The Saint: Vodka, nectarine vodka, fresh grapefruit & orange juice, topped with club soda

The Sir Collins Cuke: gin, agave nectar, fresh lime, cucumber, topped with club soda

The Great Flamingo: vodka, desert pear syrup, and lemonade
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