Monday, February 13, 2017

See Orlando

When you say Orlando everybody thinks Disney. And now that I've started working there I've been basically living at Disney. But that really isn't the best part. The best part is true Orlando, The City of Orlando. I like to divide Orlando into four quadrants based on where I-4 (the worst place on Earth) meets 408. My favorite quadrant is that upper right hand area. There you will find Lake Eola, Thornton Park, Audubon Park, and the Milk District. I'm also going to include Winter Park in this even though it's not *technically* Orlando. There is a few places that I have to bring anyone to when I want to show them true Orlando. 

Here's the line up! 

We're starting off at The Porch. This is my number one restaurant in all of Orlando. It's the perfect mix of southern food and bar food. I've tried numerous things here, but so far nothing beats "Buff Chicken & Waffles." This is Buffalo Chicken and Waffles with a cinnamon butter on top. For dipping sauces we have maple syrup and my personal favorite blue cheese fondue. Now I am not a blue cheese person, but this sauce is to die for. I am always temped to ask for a mason jar to go. And for the side we have potato wedge fries. (Quick tip: Dip the fries in the syrup and then the cheese fondue sauce, best thing you'll ever do)

Next we're heading over to East End Market. This is an indoor market with a bunch of little shop/restaurants. It's very hipster-ish but such a little oasis. It has a courtyard connected to it where once of the shops Porch Therapy has all their succulents on display. They also have Skyebird Juice Bar, my favorite there is a cold-pressed juice called Garden Greens. In that one they have kale, cucumber, apple, celery, ginger, and lemon. Next door is way more unhealthy, but just as good. We have Gideon's Bakehouse. My mouth is watering just thinking of their cookies. Gideon's cookies is basically eating slightly cooked cookies dough, fully covered in chocolate chips. 

Then we head down the street over near Mills. Here you'll find Ten10 Brewing Co. I don't think Orlando has a lot of breweries, so this is a nice one right in the middle of the city. I also can never turn down a flight. Here you're able to pick up a flight for $8, and then if you come during Happy Hour it is $10 for a flight and a soft pretzel. You get to sit down at the bar, they give you a paper to pick the four beers off the way you want to try. For being a small place they have a lot of options. Every time I've gone there's been about 14 of their own. This time I tried a new one I hadn't had before called "Lion Sleeps." New favorite. Is a farmhouse ale with lavender and passion fruit. 

South of Ten10 were heading over to Lake Eola. Back when I used to work at City of Orlando this was my home. I would walk here on every lunch break to hangout with the swans (and get my steps.) I also adore the farmers market they have every Sunday. Low key hoping one Sunday my Etsy shop will be a vendor there. 

As fun as the tourist areas are there is so much more to Orlando. This is true Orlando.