Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Top 12 Items From Food & Wine 2017 (so far)

Food and Wine has officially been going on for a month and I've made it there nine times. The menus look great this year. The only downside so far is that it is way too hot outside and that they took the prickly pear margarita off the menu at Mexico. I will slowly (very slowly) get over that. Here's the list of my top 12 trys so far: 

 Zesty Cheeseburger and Cheddar Cheese Macaroni Handwich from Craft Beer 
10/10 I will be getting this again and again.
Warm Irish Cheddar Cheese and Stout Dip with Irish Brown Bread
I hate to say this but I liked it even better than Canada's Cheese Soup.
Frozen Mojito 
It's frozen, mint and Florida is still in the 90s.
Warm Indian Bread with Pickled Garlic, Mango Salsa and Coriander Pesto Dips
Great deal, I thrived with the pickled garlic.
 Pistachio Cardamom Bundt Cake with Chocolate Coconut Mousse
Packed with Pistachio flavor.
Teriyaki-glazed SPAM® Hash with Potatoes, Peppers and Onions and Spicy Mayonnaise
I tried Spam and loved every bite. Great F&W breakfast option.

Italian Margarita 
Favorite Epcot drink, p.s. this can be found year round.
 Schinkennudeln: Pasta Gratin with Ham and Cheese
I could live off this stuff. I have to stop myself from getting it every time.
Crème Brûlée with Housemade Rasberry Jam 
The perfect small sweet snack. 
Orange Blossom Brewing Foxtail Cold Brew Coffee Pilsner from Orlando, FL
@Foxtail @OBB, would you guys please can this?!
Eastern Florida Flight and Western Florida Flight 
Loved every single one. Even the stout. 
 Frozen Wine Cocktail featuring Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
Very good, wish the serving was slightly larger and it was more frozen. Blaming FL for the second one.

Save yourself time. Get a giftcard. To try everything at Food & Wine it will be $1515. Challenge Accepted.
Monday, August 28, 2017

Making Magic Happen

When you are a Cast Member you go to Disney a lot. I got to Epcot at 11:00 a.m. just to walk around world showcase as it opens before all the guests show up. It's my morning exercise. Being able to go whenever I'd like is definitely a huge benefit of being a Cast Member. 

It's often very hot when you go. So my number one advise is to always wear less and pack light. I saw this easy white tee online on SheIn, and for $10 I couldn't say no. I went for a size larger than I usually wear because am I really wearing a tee shirt If I didn't do a tie in the front? 

My next trade secret is bring your own water bottle in. To be on the safe side I would bring it in empty. Then refill it throughout the day. This time I brought my Lilly Pulitzer + Starbucks S’well Bottle. This is great for the theme parks because of the screw on cap. 

What I'm wearing:

Shirt | Necklace | Sunglasses | Purse (similar)| Shorts | Water Bottle (similar)
Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Drink with Me: Birthday

For my birthday I could not risk going somewhere I would not like. So I found myself back at the basics: Vanbarry's and Disney. Yeah, yeah, no surprise there. Something that was a surprise was Vanbarry's Birthday Frosé! Yes I had seen a picture online before because I stalk their social media. But man, this drink blew any other birthday drink out of the water. Now we're talking Strawberry & Kiwi Frosé, an umbrella, a party horn, a candle, 2 shots, a balloon hanging off the glass and frosting sprinkle rim. This drink right here is why I love Vanbarry's, it's whimsical & delicious (plus their mac & cheese will rock your world). Also, what a coincidence this came out my birthday month. Vanbarry's and I are truly meant to be. 

Next stop Epcot. We all know how they have multiple festivals they release around the year. Next one is Food & Wine. And for each of these festivals the booths come and go but, for what ever reason they keep the Mexico one there longer than all the others. I'm not complaining, I would just like to see Canada's cheese soup more. One of their current offers at this temp Mexico booth is the Frozen Wild Strawberry Margarita. And then it's 95 degrees at 8:30 p.m. in Orlando I can use all the frozen margaritas I can get. 

Last stop is Trader Sam's Grotto at The Polynesian. I've been here before and had the Tahitian Torch. Someone at the table next to us ordered this, The Spikey Pineapple. Ever since then I wanted it. What's a better time to go then my birthday? It's basically a Dole Whip blended it rum. Very good. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

How to make an IKEA Marble Bar Cart in 10 steps

We all know IKEA is the home to everything wonderful in the world. From those little cubbies that remind you of making applesauce pancakes in school all the way to a giant succulent print. Both of which I own. My new favorite is the RÅSKOG the utility cart. As an Etsy shop owner I got a lot of stuff, so storage is kind of my best friend. I actually already had one of these for a bed side table/fabric storage. But seeing it everyday inspired me to turn it into a craft project. Here's how I made my RÅSKOG go from drab to fab.

(If you want to save time and your fav Lululemon yoga pants  they already have a bunch of already great colors)

1. Build a storm shelter for your cart pieces.

2. Start spraying. 

3. Watch paint dry for 48 hours. 

4. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days. Don't worry. You're about to cover it.

5. Cut a strip just a tad over 3 inches and start hiding all those mistakes. 

6. Marvel at the marble. 

6. Decide if you're going to do two levels, three levels, or give up. 

7. Cart assemble. 


9. Fill with goodies. 

10. Use your new bar cart, make yourself a drink.
Sunday, July 16, 2017

Drink with Me: Early July

Welcome to Drink with me! New series on my blog to document the best drinks I've had this past week (half week, month, four days.. whatever). I always have my camera on me and love to try new drinks (usually frozen) where ever I go. 

Frozen Mojito
You can't get an fresher than a frozen mojito. Ice, mint, lime? It's a no brainer. Enjoyed this off-the-menu drink from The Beachcomber Bar & Grill at The Don Cesar. After drinking this I was ready to book a cruise.

Tahitian Torch 
Katy drinking at Disney? Yeah no real surprise there. But the ByeJoe Dragon Fire Spirit in this drink, definitely a surprise. Such an interesting wonderful taste found at Trader Sams Grog Grotto

The Great Flamingo and The Saint 
The greatest place in existence, VanBarry's. Prickly pear, grapefruit, and mason jars. Nuff' said. 

Mango Dolphin Drool
This is Mad Beach Brewing's take on a mango APA. They knocked it out of the ballpark. I also tried the non mango version, mango won. 
Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sundays are for Frosé

My weekend came to an end in the most ideal way possible: outdoor seating, mac & cheese, and frosé. I headed over to Vanbarry's Public House this afternoon. I heard about this place first from word of mouth awhile ago, but when I saw on social media that they had frosé I knew I needed to go there asap. 
The way it works here is they'll have flavors of the week (or until they run out). It seems that they will always have strawberry as seen on the bottom and then a specialty flavor. This time around it was kiwi. I decided to go for both. It was very good! I feel with frosé restaurants think they can make any slushy drink pink and call it frosé. But this truly tasted like rosé. It also was not too sweet, which is always a concern of mine when it comes to slushy drinks.We sat outside on their patio and it stayed icy the whole time, which is pretty impressed for Orlando in July. Also this was only $6.50, gotta love a place that has their drinks at happy hour prices 24/7. 

The drink menu was way too impressive to get just one. They had a whole list of mason jar cocktails. I decided to go with the Lavender Lemonade and my sister went with Life's a Peach. Our waitress was the bomb and make sure my drink was not too sweet and went light on the lavender infused simple syrup. It was so refreshing and definitely something I would order again! Life's a Peach was very good too, definitely on the sweeter side, but had real peaches in the bottom of the glass. Any drink with real fruit has me sold. Both of these we're $6.50 as well. 

My mother decided to go with a "Sipper." She described it as bourbon, mixed with bourbon, infused with bourbon, topped off with bourbon, with whisky soaked cherries. 

Pizza or Mac & Cheese? You tell me. This is probably one of the best Mac & Cheese I've ever had. It was a white cheese with a solid layer of cheese just melted on top. It's a 99.8% chance I will order this every time I come from here on out. Next time I'm definitely going to have to add bacon. For under $5 this was another impressive item. 

To end the visit our bomb waitress brought us out some koozies since it was our first visit. It's like they knew how to win over my heart every step of the way. 

As I was eating here today I already made plans to go again tomorrow. I can't wait to try something else, they had a grapefruit orange mason jar drink I definitely had my eye on. I also made sure to let everyone working there that I would love to see grapefruit frosé. So fingers crossed there! 

Next day update: I did return 

The Saint: Vodka, nectarine vodka, fresh grapefruit & orange juice, topped with club soda

The Sir Collins Cuke: gin, agave nectar, fresh lime, cucumber, topped with club soda

The Great Flamingo: vodka, desert pear syrup, and lemonade